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Set portrait and event photography services for young, up-and-coming creatives who need simple, but nevertheless interesting photographs to promote themselves or their websites.


About Jubby Stardust

Jubby your hubby

I have been involved in film and photography since 1999, but my background is quite varied. Alongside photography, I have worked as a lecturer and a stage-manager and I have published fiction and non-fiction writing.

My photographic interests are also diverse, but I like to photograph characters. Sometimes people simply look like themselves. They express, through a facial gesture or a glint in the eye, something true about themselves. Capturing this moment is what photography does best, but it takes a good photographer to get it to happen, and it can also take time.

The camera is simply an object between two people. Its presence should be as unintrusive as possible. So personality plays a big role in people photography. People look at photographs of people, not at pixels, but you still have to get the pixels right.

What I try to do is to capture you. It isn’t always easy. While some people can turn up, switch on and have twenty great shots in ten minutes, some people find it very difficult to be themselves under the gaze of the lens and the glare of lights (I’m one of them) and some people just aren’t all that photogenic (I’m one of them, too). You have to approach people photography with patience. You won’t be in and out in 15 minutes unless 15 minutes is all it takes to get a shot we both like. Usually it takes longer.

Professional models take direction well, but if you’re reading this you’re probably not a professional model. I try to approach portrait photography not by directing people to pose like this or like that, but by getting people to feel comfortable being themselves. I often like to get to know a bit about someone before I take their photograph, by having a coffee, or simply by warming up taking photographs and chatting.

I am a native English speaker, and obviously most comfortable speaking English. Aber wenn dir Deutsch angenehmer ist, dann können wir natürlich auf Deutsch reden.


Portraits and Events

I offer set portrait and event photography services, either in the studio or on location. The primary target market is young, up-and-coming creatives who need simple, but nevertheless fun, interesting photographs to promote themselves or their websites. To date, I have taken portraits of artists, designers, writers, radio presenters, musicians and academics.

I have shot a number of events, including parties, concerts and opera.

Promotional Material

I also offer more creative photography services, for instance, I have collaborated with musicians on promotional posters and with venues for event promotion material.

Food and Products

There are of course many other kinds of photography. Some, like food and product photography, are highly specialised. McDonalds won’t be hiring me any time soon to make their burgers look edible, and I’m not waiting for Rolex to call, but if you have a local business and want good quality photographs for your website, I can do it.


My prices are based on time spent, at a reasonable hourly rate. On top of shooting, selecting and editing the photos, transporting equipment such as lights, and setting up at locations obviously takes time. Time is then converted into money using a magic calculator and you have your price. A basic half hour shoot at my studio might cost 50 euros, while a longer shoot on location might cost 150 or more. Hopefully that gives you an idea what a shoot might cost, but for a better idea, just get in touch with your specific requirements.

I understand that Berlin is not paved with gold. Where I live, it’s paved with Sterni caps and the butts of hand-rolled cigarettes. If you have a project with a low budget, I am open to negotiating prices two conditions: first, that it really is a low budget project with merit, and second, that there really do exist opportunities for exposure or at least very interesting photographic opportunities. I enjoy photography, but I also value my time, and I do not accept Sterni caps or the butts of hand-rolled cigarettes as payment.


Appointments are essential, but it may be possible to make appointments at short notice. Just send me a message at the listed email address and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


My studio is in Neukölln, Berlin, but I am able to move most of my equipment to any location within Berlin. My process is consultative. In other words, tell me what you want and any ideas you already have, and if we agree to go ahead, we can talk about how best to get great shots.

Boring stuff

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